2fly Guide Service

Pat did a fantastic job guiding my wife and I at Fern. His ability to teach and convey the lesson are unparalleled. My wife landed her first stream trout and lost some real 'pigs'. Pat worked very diligently to teach her the techniques and "what" to look for. The 2nd time she has been fly fishing and to see her jump up and down with a smile when Pat landed her fish will never ever be forgotten. My best friend caught their first stream trout and this was because of Pat. Again, I can never repay the excitement and gratitude.

I cannot begin to thank him for the day. I also learned many new things and appreciate those efforts. Gave me new life to help her and up my game.

Pat, you would be proud..... Caught 9 at Ami Tuesday afternoon and 4 in top of the lip ..... Thanks.... Still working and practicing.....

I appreciate your SOTD article.... Gives us something to think about and move forward.

If you really want to learn competition style fly fishing and improve your catch rates take a trip with Pat. Pat is an extremely skilled angler which many tricks at his disposal. Pat will get you on the fish while at the same time giving you a better understanding of reading water, line management and drift control. His knowledge of trout behavior and habits is amazing. You will most definitely leave a better fisherman and with a smile on your face.

Great service offered by 2Fly Guide Service. Always fun to catch fish, but Pat goes the extra step to show you some things that will help you keep catching after your trip. Appreciate the great time and look forward to what you teach Chase (my son). 

I had been fly fishing for trout a handful of times and have fished a couple Georgia streams. With my background in salt water fishing, I never learned the proper techniques for trout. I would've been happy landing a couple fish but 2Fly exceeded my expectation above and beyond. Had a beautiful day at the amazing property of Fern Valley. I stopped counting after fish number 20 and have never experienced a trout peel drag of the reel. My experience was nothing short of phenomenal. These guys are passionate about fishing and will do everything in their power to make sure you catch fish and enjoy a beautiful day on the river. I have been fishing with other guides who count the minutes, focus solely on their costs, and demean clients new to the sport. Pat is the complete opposite, as his genuine goal and focus is to help his clients catch a fish of a lifetime. It was also a pleasure watching James Berzsenyi work. Equally as knowledgeable and will guarantee to put you on pigs. I recommend 2Fly Guide Services highly and will be fishing with them every time I make a trip up to Georgia.

Tony de la Torre