2fly Guide Service

Skill of the Day: Line Management

This is an important skill that sometimes gets overlooked by the new flyfisherman. They will work on mastering their cast to get the fly out to the fish, but then miss catching fish by having too much slack or drag in their line. It's important to know and practice controlling the line while presenting your flies to the fish. Work on recovering slack from your line without disturbing your presentation. Learn how to upstream or downstream mend without disturbing your presentation. Casting is a very important skill to master and by all means practice, practice, practice, but I can take a beginner caster who can manage his line and put more fish in the net than a great caster who can't manage his line. When new to the sport, don't get caught up in catch numbers in the beginning, work on line management and control of presentation. This will pay off for you big down the road. Practice your casting in the yard. Practice different casting angles, overhead, 3/4, and sidearm. Get a guided trip early in your flyfishing experience. If they are truly good guides, they will mentor you on these skills while on the water. Good luck in your flyfishing endeavors and we will see you all on the Reever!.