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Skill of the Day: Drift Control

With proper line management you have better drift control. Drift control in most cases refers to ensuring that your flies drift naturally in the current. To do this, you must maintain control of your line to prevent the current from pulling or dragging your fly presentation. If you are using a strike indicator or a dry fly, then this can be the difference in your catch rate. Proper line mending at the right time will set you up for success. Also, you can keep your rod higher to lift the line off the water and follow your flies with your rod. Now, if you are tight line nymphing, it is all about keeping up with your drift and maintaining just a slight bit of slack during the drift. These techniques are often referred to as dead drifting, in other words, you are presenting the flies without any additional movements. There are times when you want to induce movement into your drifts and those are more advanced techniques that we will discuss later. So remember, master line management which will aid you with drift control. Hope to see you all on the Reever!